5 Facts About South African Traditional Religion

Religion is quite significant to all people in the world it comprises of believes and norms that have been passed from one generation to another. There are different religions in the world that bring up communities together to worship differently. They include Islam, Hindu, Christianity due to colonization.

South Africa is regarded as a rainbow nation due to its mixed races. It comprises of a variety of people who have different sets of customs, beliefs, and religions. The constitution in South Africa protects religion and gives freedom of worship to each and everyone so long as there is no breach of another persons rights and freedoms.

Here are some facts about South African traditional beliefs:

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Even though there is wide acceptance of modern religions, people are still held up in traditional customs and beliefs. The practices are still rooted even to those who practice modern religions as they cannot easily abandon their cultures. Practices such dowry, initiation the traditional way and early marriages are still helped up in the south. These practices bring communities together as they worship in ceremonies and in festivals.

Worship of Spirits

Most traditional religions still worship through spirits as they believe in them. They serve as intermediaries between them and the Supreme Deity as they believe they are in communication. Apart from that the spirits also help them to communicate with their ancestors as they believe they are living in another world. The spirits are well respected and are offered sacrifices so that they may bring the people good lack and help them get forgiveness when there is a bad charm. They also pray through the spirits for rainy seasons as agriculture is quite significant to the people.

Places of worship

The people carry out worship in designated places. These places are sacred places that have been there for over generations. The people believe that that is where God either dwell or designated to be his worship place. These places include mountains, shrines, under trees and fertile land. They believe that these traditional worship places should be well respected as they do not want curses from their Supreme Deity. They uphold the places with much respect and those who are said to be cursed or of bad vices are not allowed to be in the places of worship. These places include Nri-Igbo, Oyo, Bennin City, and Yaboyabo.

Traditional ceremonies

Traditional ceremonies such as weddings and initiation are said to be quite sacred. They are given by the Almighty and have to take place through divine intervention. When there is a festival of good harvest also they offer sacrifices to God as they believe its a blessing from Him and if not they will get cursed – take a look on this article about traditional african religions south africa.